Family Services


GLU: God Loves Us at 10:00am on the first Sunday every month at St. Mark’s is a family-friendly informal service.

It’s 40 minutes of songs, stories, activities for children, prayer and fun. Each month we’ll come together to celebrate a different aspect of our lives as individuals and as a community. Afterwards we’ll have a cuppa in the Church Hall. Here’s what’s happening in next few months:


Our children enjoy their crafts in the GLU Crew area and get a special membership pack.


Sunday 4th February when we’ll be asking ‘What’s in a name?’

Sunday 4th March where we’ll hear ths story of Samuel who is called by God to help his people.

Sunday 1st April is the celebration of Easter – the biggest festival in the church’s year

Everyone is welcome to this special way of coming together and finding out about God’s love for us.