Link 4 Life Project

Link 4 Life Project is a registered charity which was started by our local churches in 2010.

It aims to link together churches, schools and the wider community to help people in need in Southern Africa.

We do this through links with 3 partner charitable organizations…

Hands at Work in Africa
The baby Bear Project
Mercy Air

The Link 4 Life Project Website  can be found here….  Link 4 Life Project Website

Each year for the last 6 years members of the churches, schools and wider communities have gone to visit the work of these three organizations.  We are able to build up a real connection with the people they serve and we know that donations are going to the people for whom it is intended.

More than that… the people who go on these visits are challenged and changed in the process… they meet some amazing people of great courage and love and find that the project is about partnership – learning are receiving as well as giving and caring.
We really do want it to be a Link for Life.